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Ashbourne Town hall

Ashbourne Town Hall - Derbyshire



Date:  12 August 2017


Time:  7pm - 12:30am



Ashbourne Town Hall

Market Place







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Located in the heart of Ashbourne is the Town Hall,


Built in 1861 it is a fine example of one of the few Victorian buildings still in existence in the town. It is faced with ashlar stone and its decorations including balcony and stone pediment which bares the date 1861, formerly the site of the old Talbot Inn,

There has been mases of reported paranormal acivity at this location some of which include unexplained taps and bangs, doors opening and closing on their own for no apparent reason, sudden drops in temperature and people feeling very emotional all of a sudden, disembodied voices and screams can often be heard throughout the night,


The ghost of tom fearn is said to still haunt the hall as a fireman he tragically died when the clapper from the fire bell that hung above the hall yard fell hitting him on the head, tom is said to be very angry that the bell is encased and on show at the hall like a trophy.

Dare you join us on a quest to find out more about the spirits that still roam this building and try and find out more about Tom Fearn.



Dare you join us?

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